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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for housing?
Call our office to have an application mailed to you or stop by to pick one up. The standard application can also be found on this website.

What programs are currently open to receive applications?
Applications are being accepted for the elderly and disabled waiting list.
The family waiting list is closed.

What are the sizes of your apartments?
The elderly and disabled developments are one bedroom. The family development units are two bedrooms.

What are the current income guidelines?
At the present time the income guidelines are: 1 person: $47,450; 2 persons $51,150;
3 persons $57,550; 4 persons $63,900. Income guidelines are subject to change.

How much will the rent be?
Residents living in the Sharon Housing Authority units can expect to pay between 27%-30% of their gross income toward rent.

Is there a local preference for Sharon residents?
The Sharon Housing Authority has a local preference for its housing program waiting list. Local preference is given to Sharon residents. You do not have to be a Sharon resident to apply.

Who qualifies as a Sharon resident?
A Sharon resident is any applicant domiciled in Sharon on the date of the application, the date of the screening and the date of the final certification. Domicile shall mean the applicant’s permanent address and excludes temporary residence in Sharon. There is no duration requirement for permanent residence.
Any person employed or about to be employed in Sharon on the date of application, the date of screening and the date of final certification is considered a Sharon resident.

Who qualifies for elderly housing?
A household whose head or spouse or sole member is at least 60 years of age is considered elderly. A birth certificate will be required.

Who qualifies as disabled?
For purposes of admission into public housing, a person who is handicapped must meet the requirements of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 121B, Section 1, Section 38 and 760 CMR 5.07.

Who qualifies as a family for the purpose of State Aided Family Housing?
A family is defined as two or more persons sharing residency whose income and resources are available to meet the family’s needs and who are related by blood or marriage. A family may include unrelated persons who will live regularly as part of the family.

What size unit is a family eligible for?
The Sharon Housing Authority has two bedroom units. As a general rule, units will be assigned to applicants so that no less than 1 and not more than 2 persons will occupy a bedroom. Husbands and wives are expected to share a bedroom. Children of the same sex are expected to share a bedroom, as are children of the opposite sex under the age of 8. No assignments of units will be made which require use of the living room for sleeping.

Can I select the location where I wish to live?
No, offers are made based on what becomes vacant when an applicant reaches the top of the waiting list.

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